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Packages that use CSVFieldMapping
net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping (Internal) package which provides functionality to parse the XML mapping of CSV to POJO for the framework. 

Uses of CSVFieldMapping in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping that return types with arguments of type CSVFieldMapping
 Iterator<CSVFieldMapping> CSVBeanMapping.iterator()
          Provides an iterator over the CSV field mappings present in this bean mapping.

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping with parameters of type CSVFieldMapping
 void CSVBeanMapping.addFieldMapping(CSVFieldMapping fieldMapping)
          Adds a new field mapping for this bean mapping.
 int CSVFieldMapping.compareTo(CSVFieldMapping other)
          Compares this field mapping to another mapping.

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