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net.sf.anupam.csv Provides a framework for parsing and reading CSV files transparently, via meta-data definitions, a'la Hibernate. 
net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping (Internal) package which provides functionality to parse the XML mapping of CSV to POJO for the framework. 

Uses of CSVBeanMapping in net.sf.anupam.csv

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv that return CSVBeanMapping
 CSVBeanMapping CSVParserFactory.getBeanMapping(String beanName)
          Returns the requested bean mapping configuration.

Constructors in net.sf.anupam.csv with parameters of type CSVBeanMapping
CSVParser(CSVBeanMapping rootBeanMapping, CSVReader reader)
          Constructor for CSVParser.

Uses of CSVBeanMapping in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping that return CSVBeanMapping
 CSVBeanMapping CSVFieldMapping.getBeanReference()
          Returns the referenced bean mapping, if one is present.

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping that return types with arguments of type CSVBeanMapping
 Map<String,CSVBeanMapping> CSVMappingParser.getMappings(String xmlFileName, boolean inClassPath)
          Returns the map of parsed mapping configuration beans.

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping with parameters of type CSVBeanMapping
 void CSVFieldMapping.setBeanReference(CSVBeanMapping beanReference)
          Sets the referenced bean mapping for this field.

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