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Packages that use CSVFieldFormatter
net.sf.anupam.csv.formatters Provides a framework and default implementations for formatting CSV fields during the CSV to POJO parsing. 
net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping (Internal) package which provides functionality to parse the XML mapping of CSV to POJO for the framework. 

Uses of CSVFieldFormatter in net.sf.anupam.csv.formatters

Classes in net.sf.anupam.csv.formatters that implement CSVFieldFormatter
(package private)  class AllLowerCaseFormatter
          A Formatter which transforms the input into all lower-case and returns the lower-case version.
(package private)  class AllUpperCaseFormatter
          A Formatter which transforms the input into all upper case and returns the upper case version.
(package private)  class DoNothingFormatter
          A No-Op formatter that acts as the default if no explicit formatter is configured for a CSV field.
(package private)  class FirstWordFormatter
          A formatter that returns the first word of the specified CSV value.
(package private)  class LastWordFormatter
          A formatter that returns the last word of the specified CSV value.
(package private)  class TrimWordFormatter
          A formatter that returns the trimmed CSV value.

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.formatters that return CSVFieldFormatter
 CSVFieldFormatter CSVFormatterFactory.createFormatterFor(String formatterName)
          Creates a new instance of the specified formatter.

Uses of CSVFieldFormatter in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping that return CSVFieldFormatter
 CSVFieldFormatter CSVFieldMapping.getFormatter()
          Returns the CSV formatter attached to this field.

Methods in net.sf.anupam.csv.mapping with parameters of type CSVFieldFormatter
 void CSVFieldMapping.setFormatter(CSVFieldFormatter formatter)
          Sets the formatter attached to this field.

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